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Family First Aiders
Family First Aiders | Founding Director

Family First Aiders breaks down the barriers people having in accessing First Aid courses in an effort to reduce injury and risk to children and young people. We do this by providing affordable and accessible First Aid courses and a peer information training project for parents and young people across London.

Local Mums & Dads
Local Mums & Dads |Founding Director

Local Mums & Dads provides information and  inspiration for parents in Haringey. The aim is to improve access to services, informed choices and community cohesion. We do this by providing training, workshops, events, reviews, listings and volunteering opportunities. Using Participatory Action Research (PAR) we evaluate local provision and needs. We support parents to work in partnership with organisations and business’ to develop new projects as well as to evaluate and improve the services they provide.

La Calaca Inglesa
La Calaca Inglesa |Artist

Celebrating Mexican and Indigenous American ancestry through colourful Dia de Muertos style sculptures and artwork. 

Just a sample of my work. To see more or discuss possible work >>

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